Daddy Practice

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Amy's started testing out the baby stuff. Tonight I got to try the Baby Björn with the donkey. Fun doesn't even begin to describe it. Ahem.

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  1. Weekesy ages ago | reply

    I'd say you don't look like you're having fun, just slightly scared...

  2. mistersnappy ages ago | reply

    That is the best. You get a lot of (unwanted) female attention down the shopping centre when you're out on your own with the baby. All extremely funny!

  3. GavinBell ages ago | reply

    Absolutely, man and baby is amusing sometimes, lots of cooing.

  4. lloydi ages ago | reply

    Get Tigger in there and get a spring in yer step. Eeyore's a killjoy.

  5. andyb ages ago | reply

    Probably get even more attention down the shopping centre with a stuffed donkey strapped to your chest.

  6. @PaulAnnett ages ago | reply

    I had the same thing but with Donald Duck.

  7. jaygooby ages ago | reply

    Have they made you try the fat-suit on at ante-natal classes yet?

  8. paulhardman ages ago | reply

    Who's more scared, you or the donkey?

  9. Paul Hammond ages ago | reply

    jay: no, we missed that. We did get a nappy full of mint sauce though, that was "fun" too.

  10. jaygooby ages ago | reply

    Heh. We all got forced to have a go; once donned, a room of cackling pregnant women would then make you pick things up from the floor shouting things like "See! See! Now you understand!".

  11. mistersnappy ages ago | reply

    We got tights full of your weeks shopping to demonstrate the pressure the missus's pelvic floor is under. The women gasped, the men giggled (then got punched in the arm!)

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