T-Top Red Sports Car
A red sports car with a T-top.

This one just flowed out in one quick drive, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Some of it was agony and frustration, and some of it was sheer luck.

I wanted to try the windshield/rear-window technique. I wanted to try the 2-color idea. I wanted a side grille like many sports cars have. And I wanted a T-top like my dad's corvettes which I remember from my childhood.

As always, I kept the same rules:
1) working doors
2) windows line up with the rest of the car
3) minimal (no) gaps

Finally, there are 6-stud-wide lego cars, 7-stud-wide lego cars, and 8-stud-wide lego cars (minifig scale), but I wanted to combine the benefits of various widths on different parts of the car in an attempt to improve some of the fine-grained detail.

It is not a particular car, but an amalgamation of things I like from many of the cars in my Cars set.
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