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I feel blue. it's been 1 year and 5 months that I hired a professional to do my Website and so far he hasn't finished it. Always with an excuse, putting othert

projects in front of mine. He hasn't answer my calls lately, hasn't replied my emails, I'm with my hands tied. Some things were my ideas, I have payed him to do it. I'm tired, I've reached my limit. I am a woman of my word, I'd never do such things to anybody, let alone to somebody who hired me. Unfortunately many people are not like that.

This person is good at what he does, I believed him, trusted he would do what we arranged on my site and make it happen. I'm Sure he has shown its draft to several potential clients, but hasn't given it to me yet, hasn't finished it, and time goes by and by... It's been months that I'm paying a server (a good one) to host my website, which is, still, reduced to the construction page there. I've given him too many chances to finish this but now I want what's mine, what I've paid for. I'm willing to hire another professional (I've talked to one already) to finish what has to be finished there but I want what is Mine.

There are things on my site I hadn't seen around at the time I thought about them, nowadays I've seen it around often, one has an idea here and another person also has it on the other side of the world, or just around the corner.

It's been too long. I feel helpless and fed up with people who have no consideration for others! Tears won't solve my problem, although I've dropped many because of that. Enough.

I miss my father, if he were here things would be different. sigh. I'm just feeling blue.


EDIT: I'd like to thank my friends and contacts who have written here, some of you have given me great advice and tips, I'm very thankful.


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Taken on December 30, 2007