• CureDream doll I got when I went to San Francisco for DreamForce
  • I found the low mouse position uncomfortable at first, but now I find it's OK
  • Worthless Sendmail Book and Volume #1 of Knuth's "Art Of Computer Programming" that I was originally using as a mousing surface
  • A real photographer wouldn't leave the lens cap in the scene
  • An old blue hollow-core door we had laying around the house
  • We got these bricks for free about ten years ago when they cut a hole in the wall at the Mate Factor cafe downtown
  • A poster of my computer's namesake
  • A book that has a picture of my cat on the cover
  • I've got another video output and room for monitor #4; Visual Studio 2010 certainly could put it to use, so I'm thinking about adding another monitor here.
  • Junk Fax we got from some place that claims they'll boost your web traffic. Needless to say, these guys don't rank for their own name.

My Workstation At Work

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This standing desk was built by propping up a hollow core door on four stacks of bricks. The plan was to add 15 inches of height because I measured a 15 inch difference between the height of my shoulders when I was a sitting and standing position.

The biomechanics are a bit different, so I might have added another inch or two in height. At some point I might try shimming it up by adding some more bricks, boards or tiles. When I first started using it my hands felt uncomfortable using the mouse on the desk surface, so I set up some books as a platform for mousing. After a few days it seemed that my body adapted to the new position and I use the mouse without the platform.

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