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Just Plain Goofy

"Brand New Day" Do You Believe In Faery Tales? The Spotted Dog 216/365 Living Together "Heavens to Moxie!" 85/365 & 15/52 {Explored} Vacuum Cleaner Wars! Just Plain Goofy You LIght Up My Life 207/365 {Explored} Coach...I Forgot My PomPoms! Staring Contest Moxie Rocks She's Got Moxie! Fielding 236/365 Have A 'Moxie' Christmas, Everyone!! $.Priceless  149/365 & 24/52 Explored Lucille Ball 225/365 {Published} Our Cozy Couch 155/365 & 25/52 {Explored} "Lady Dogiva" Ready to Go!! 14/52 What's Cooking? 21/52

Moxie is my dog. I am a dog person. I would have unlimited # of dogs at my house. Moxie hates dogs. We have 6 cats. I am not a cat person. Moxie loves cats.

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joferluna / Fernando Luna says:

Moxie is lovely! And its pictures too..
Posted 72 months ago. ( permalink )

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#Leilani says:

I'm crazy about your Moxie shots!!! She is so freaking cute!! She looks very similar to our rat/jack/fox terrier boyz, Sonny and Slim! You are so talented and she LOVES the camera!
Posted 69 months ago. ( permalink )

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monkeyninja says:

I love Moxie!
Posted 57 months ago. ( permalink )

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