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Vogue 2925 by arianamaniacs (Deanna McLaughlin)


Top: Like everyone else says, it's fast and easy, and looks good too.



I spent the most time on the skirt, because of all the details I added.

I made the skirt shorter than it called for, because I thought it was a little too mature for me otherwise. I also played with the grain of the herringbone tweed. Since the fabric is so business-like, I lightened it up by adding tulle to the lining. The sides I hiked up with a leather and metal fastening. I added a border in a moleskin fabric with holes cut through it that show the fabric underneath.

The pattern calls for a ribbon waistband. It was the first time I've finished a waistband that way, but turned out really professional looking. Since my skirt is so heavy, I did stitch the entire ribbon down instead of tacking it down on the sides. I like it better that way. I'll use that in the future again. I found this great looking grosgrain ribbon at a local shop, so I have a small splash of color to contrast with the white and black exterior. I love having interesting details on the inside of clothing, even if I'm the only one that sees it.


Jacket: I had barely enough to make the jacket, so I sewed it up as an afterthought. I also played around with details, such as giving the back more a Victorian look by adding length to the back, and adding the slit. I made the sleeves cap sleeves, and they have a tiny little black button that pleats the sleeve slightly. It closes using the same king of fasteners as the skirt. The sueded black trim up close looks like it's twisted rope. It's iron-on, I've never seen that kind before and had it in my stash. It's lined in the same material as the skirt, so it's a matching outfit, although I can wear the jacket by itself too.


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Taken on August 9, 2009