• Consultants Anonymous
  • The person with whom I have more friends from different groups in common than anyone else
  • Bangkok friends
  • School friends from my year
  • School friends from other years (the darker cluster is the year below)
  • Grad school '07, '08
  • Brother's college friends
  • CTY campers
  • College friends
  • Grad school '05
  • PDA colleagues
  • Grad school '06
  • Grad school '04 and others
  • Mostly friends from other clusters who haven't connected on Facebook. With maybe one exception, I don't have any Facebook friends who truly don't know any of the others.
  • Philosophers
  • People who just aren't into Facebook
  • A node of one's own. Three should be a CTY coworkers cluster. Others are college friends from class or choir (vs halls).
  • Our year's intake
  • Connections via host grandmother

A network visualized {notes}

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The whole network.

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