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The Pilgrim's Progress | by ☘️ Ireland of Dreams ☘️
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The Pilgrim's Progress

The Pilgrim's Song ♫ - The Gloaming






Gold vessels of fine wines,

thousands a gallon,

Jade dishes of rare meats,

costing more thousands,

I lay my chopsticks down,

no more can banquet,

I draw my sword and stare

wildly about me:

Ice bars my way to cross

the Yellow River,

Snows from dark skies to climb

the T’ai-hang mountains!

At peace I drop a hook

into a brooklet,

At once I’m in a boat

but sailing sunward…

(Hard is the journey,

Hard is the journey,

So many turnings,

And now where am I?)


So when a breeze breaks waves,

bringing fair weather,

I set a cloud for sails,

cross the blue oceans!



Song in Gaelic translated to English:

The land spoke like a temple

The Rivers journey was winding

to their knees the valleys genuflected

the sign of he cross on the branches


I heard the gospel on the wind

and holiness was upon the earth

This was where my first love lived

I'd not been this way for so long


I saw life like a tale from the Fianna

Long ago when it was morning

The way a magic wand takes the sword's shape

In the hands of children


There is a vision, that I know well

Simmering in the womb of my imagination

A bright flame without substance, a breath,

Pleading for an appropriate shape.

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Taken on August 25, 2020