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Nikon D700 vs Canon EOS 40D at 3200 ISO

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Left hand side :

Nikon D700
Full frame : 12.1 megapixels
Aperture priority mode, f/5, 1/400s, 3200 ISO
lens : 24-120 mm at 50 mm

Right hand side :

Canon EOS 40D
resolution 10.2 megapixels.
Aperture priority mode ; auto white balance ; f/5 ; 1/250 s ; ISO 3200
lens : 24 -105 mm at 24 mm
High ISO speed noise reduction : off

To see it bigger - A voir en grand. - Original size available.

Both photos were taken during the photokina using a Nikon D700 and my canon 40D. Please note that to achieve the same size, i had to upsize the canon photo. Both photos are coming straight from the camera - no post processing.

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  1. MzelleThao 67 months ago | reply

    ah ah j'aime bien voir les 2 versions

  2. m_appeal [deleted] 67 months ago | reply

    ISO 3200 seems unusually noisy for the D700. It's supposed to do much better at that setting?

  3. Patrick Mayon 67 months ago | reply

    I don't know as i don't have a D700. If you use a correct WB the noise might be better. The D700 is the blue one. Even like this, the photo is noisy but it's nice noise : no chrominance, no banding and the noise doesnt't really change up to 12 800 ISO ... see other photos in my stream.

  4. Noktor-Matic 65 months ago | reply

    the D700 vs 40D isn't even a comparison, seriously

    D700 whipes the 1D mk3 off the slate even the 5D mk2
    so yeah i just had to say, this test was quite pointless,
    also you should have used the correct white balance on the D700

  5. Patrick Mayon 65 months ago | reply

    I have a 40D that's why I was interesting to compare my camera against other cameras.

    I don't know how to use a D700 and all the menus were in German ... it was not easy to set up the both cameras with the same parameters or to play with the white balance.

  6. Kirk111 65 months ago | reply

    I just purchased the D700 and while I'm loving the quality of the ISO performance, I'm noticing a lot of unrecoverable white balance / color issues. Especially under incandescent or fluorescent light. This is using Capture NX2. The color rendition seems a bit off in artificial light.

  7. Patrick Mayon 65 months ago | reply

    Kirk, I envy you. I don't know how to use a d700 but if you have problems with the settiing of the WB, here are 2 tips :
    * shoot RAW and correct the WB after.
    * live view is also very useful to set up the WB.
    Lightroom is also very good in correcting a WB even on a jpeg.

  8. Jackie Dessel 64 months ago | reply

    I'm leaning towards the D700 on this one... I have my eye on that camera anyway.

  9. Patrick Mayon 64 months ago | reply

    The new 5D mk ii is apparently very good at high iso ... I had the opportunity to test it but I haven't made any comparative image yet.

  10. jsgraphicdesign 63 months ago | reply

    using the 24-120 to test the d700 is like test-driving a ferrari with plastic tires

  11. Peter Mars Photo 30 months ago | reply

    Yea, but it's still a Nikon

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