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    Each year, I've watched this globe grow increasingly obsolete. It's political and educational value's been mostly replaced by an aesthetic one. There's a lesson in that, somewhere. Don't you think?

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    1. Kim Siever 94 months ago | reply

      nice lighting

    2. Patrick Q 94 months ago | reply

      Thank you, sir.

    3. KingVitaman 94 months ago | reply

      Black on black is a nice treatment.
      *From the Comments! group.*

    4. janinehealy 94 months ago | reply

      Yes the black background looks good.
      Janine xx
      *From the Comments! group.*

    5. Patrick Q 94 months ago | reply

      Thank you, both!

    6. svenwerk 94 months ago | reply

      nice globe!


    7. M_thanhouser_photos 94 months ago | reply

      what a cool photo i like the black backdrop a lot better then a white one

      Comments group

    8. littleBiGsis 94 months ago | reply

      Nicely done. Cool lighting on the globe.
      *From the Comments! group.*

    9. Patrick Q 94 months ago | reply

      Thanks, all!

    10. extremeboh 94 months ago | reply

      It's funny how the borders between countries blur in areas where there is peace. (Like saying, "I'm going to South America!" instead of singling out Peru.) But they resolve with startling clarity when there is war or a crisis in a country, and suddenly you go to your globe/map and figure out where exactly is Rwanda or Afghanistan. I choose to look at it this way: every new border implies brand new adventures! J

    11. Patrick Q 94 months ago | reply

      Jason, that's a great way to think of it!

    12. Dragon Weaver 94 months ago | reply

      I have a "thing" for globes, but they take up too much room!

    13. Patrick Q 94 months ago | reply

      Don't they look so cool lined in a row - big and miniature ones together? I've seen that in magazine spreads before.

    14. pitter painter 68 months ago | reply

      Hi there! I am the admin for a group called "The Vintage Office" and would love to have your picture added to our photostream.

    15. amyla174 67 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm the administrator for the group "Vintage Globes" and would love to have your photo be part of it's photostream!

    16. Meylah 38 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing this great image...we used it on our blog at Meylah!


    17. australianpolicyonline 25 months ago | reply

      Thanks from Australian Policy Online. This pic is on APO's home page (with attribution) for a few days from 22th March 2012. See (illustrating a commentary piece called 'Unequal to the task, MPs need a lesson in values'). APO is a non profit website making the latest Australian and International social policy research available to the public. Thank you for listing your image with a Creative Commons license

    18. Ferry J@ansen Six Weeks gone to start a New Future [deleted] 21 months ago | reply

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