• I waited for the cloud shadow to reach this point to highlight the trees vs. the darker grassy foreground.
  • I waited for this spotlight back here to appear so as to mimic the lit oaks in the middle ground
  • I wanted this oak to be lit against a dark background.
  • A bit ominous, but no rain fell.
  • I wanted the top of Mt. Diablo to be darkly silhouetted against the brighter sky for extra drama.
  • As of 7pm on this day, all these clouds are now gone as the sun sets. No more warm currents are lifted by the warm sun.
  • It was good to have these trees be dark against the bright background but I did not plan it because there were too many other things happening. So I lucked out on this part.
  • I walked up and down on the hill where I stood to take this shot, trying to get the most pleasing composition including where to intersect the hills here.
  • I also moved around to get low enough to hide some buildings right behind this hill and the tree to the right. Nobody has to know! And I did not want to clone out anything.
  • perfect time and place to collect some easter eggs - tropicaLiving - Jessy Eykendorp

Diablo Spring #1 - Lafayette, California

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I was not planning on doing any photography this afternoon, but the clouds and light *forced* me to do it. I had NO choice! No HDR.

Free wallpaper for over 100 of my images in 6 different screen sizes is now available!

See the 1200 pixel version!

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------
Settings etc.:
---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------

Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 24-105L @55
1/5-second exposure @F8 (Over F10 is almost unuseable on this lens with the mkII)
LEE soft ND grad (100x150mm) 0.9 + 0.75 (5 1/2 stops total)
Lee foundation kit filter holder with Lee 77mm adapter ring
No polarizer.
ISO 50
Small Slik tripod with Manfrotto pistol grip ball head
RAW file processed with Capture One by Phase One
TIFF file processed with Photoshop

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------
The Story
---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------

Yes, you don't need to always have a golden sunset for good light.

In the hills behind my house, billowing cumulus clouds build up on a spring afternoon following a storm . It is rare to see such depth to the sky in the San Francisco Bay Area (or in SoCal) because clouds either are thick and rainy, or there are no clouds at all. As the sun set, the lift created by the warming ground eased and the clouds evaporated into blue sky. 2 hours later, and it is now clear. When I took this shot, it was clear over the ocean because there are no mountains and updrafts of warm air to create the clouds.

In a few weeks the clouds will be mostly gone until November, the grass will turn golden brown, and we will be eyeing the sky closely for any possibilities. They will come every few weeks and I'll be ready.

This was at 4pm with the sun still high in the sky. So I had to wait for clouds to pass overhead to allow the kind of filtered light that looks best on a landscape like this. The nice thing about traditional landscape photography vs. seascape is that you can find a good composition and then just sit back and wait for the good light instead of always worrying about your camera or even your life being swept away! Ah yes, the easy life of a 'landscape' photographer was mine for a while...


Google Earth

Simply the best way to scout out locations that there is. You can see sun angles and pre-visualize light under lots of different conditions. Sometimes you can actually pre-compose your shots! This has saved me many thousands of vertical feet of climbing by avoiding spots with blocked views etc.

Satellite imagery (choose 'National' for a local US region or use your fave website)

Tide charting and preditions: (chose your area in US, other countries have similar websites)

Wave Heights (I choose 'North Pacific from Global')
Or Here:

Photos of every inch of the California coastline from a small plane. Excellent for close in detailed views.


The map shows exactly where this is. It is an easy 1/2 mile hike from a small parking lot at the top of the hill.

See my Flickr profile for a link to my newly designed website.

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