• I wanted the chain and posts to resemble the bridge structure.
  • I wanted to keep the top of the post low, as to not block the level of the sea behind.
  • The suspended roadway is 300 feet above the ocean, but I hid it behind the wave!
  • I did not want the bottom of the chain to be in contact with the concrete below it.
  • Water flowing back after the last wave.
  • People have been sucked out to the sea right here, never to return.
  • The sea wall here is 20 feet above the water level!
  • I wanted to capture the light inside of the wave too.
  • and there ol glory remains - sticking straight out like a wind sock... :) or is that a wind sock only???
    It is the flag. It was just a little a bit breezy that day! Patrick - ---=.O.=--- n777jc ---=.O.=---
  • This is the Tiburon penninsula in Marin county.
  • This is where you see dozens of tripods every day trying to get that classic view.
  • But the best view is down on the beach here! Just a 20 minute hike down the hill.
  • Wish there was a bit of space between the top of the block and the far shore. Othewise, wow! Outstanding picture!

    Sometimes there is depending on the water level. If I went higher, the chain would be too low! Patrick - FrankKingPhotos.ca
  • My car was right to the left of this box, so I could hide.
  • Tsunamiiii!!! - olivr
  • Seems to be full of cars. Did the Rangers escort them out? - DB-Photography
  • Yes, they kicked everyone out as I was shooting this!

Rust and Surf # 2 - San Francisco

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No HDR, despite what some people think! It is a single 1/10 sec exposure. See below for how I did it.

Free wallpaper for over 100 of my images in 6 different screen sizes is now available!

Oct. 24, 2008: This was taken back in February 24, 2008, the last day that it rained a significantly measurable amount in San Francisco until Nov. 9th, 2008.

Settings etc.:

1/10-second exposure @F22
with Lee soft ND grad 0.9 with Lee holder
Canon 5D
Canon 17-40L @ 24
ISO 50
RAW file processed with Capture One by Phase One
TIFF file processed with Photoshop
Small Slik tripod
Manfrotto pistol-grip ball head (for quick adjustments)

----------------------- Story ----------------------------------------------

So, how do you hide the bottom 300 feet of the far tower of the Golden Gate Bridge? With a very large wave! How big? Well, you can see that the smaller part of the wave is much bigger than the cars and vans in the parking lot.

After I took each shot, I hid in my car just to the left of the tripod. These waves hit with such force that my car was shaken violently each time. Then I could wipe off the grad filter and get ready for the next attempt. It took about 10 tries to get it right. I wanted the iron post to not block the horizon and for the composition to be perfect. But that is difficult to do when you only get a few seconds to jump out of the car, take the shot, and dive back in. Finally I got the shot just as the park rangers ordered me to leave because people have been killed on this very spot!

The amazing thing is that this is on the bay-side of the bridge, the Pacific Ocean is on the other side of the bridge to the left. Only during strong westerly winds following a big storm with a high tide do these conditions exist. There were surfers out there and they were ordered back to shore too!

I knew I'd get soaked so I had on my swim shorts and water shoes. I was hoping I wouldn't need a snorkel! The mid-winter temperatures were barely tolerable with the air at 61F (16c) water about 54F (12c) About average for February in San Francisco.

For some observations on the new Canon 5D Mark II, see here:

See my profile for a link to my website where I have limited edition prints and less expensive open edition prints.

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    Awesome. One of the most impressive photos I've seen on Flickr!

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    Simply stunning, the details and colours are suberb. Well worth the effort!!!

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    Completely breathtaking!

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    I'm just discovering your stream! Fantastic job! I love the way you play with light. Brilliant photostream! Confrats.

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