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Art is many things - View Original size- the truth is in details

Please click this link first and watch video

2nd picture in series

People often say " that's not art, but what is art? It is subjective, it is personal, it is useful, many many things,

Some artists are not even what you would first think to call artists,

Take this car, not literally but in life ( mostly models pre 70's ) Designers were artists,

Form , Function and ascetically pleasing to the eye.

Things were designed and engineered to stay around for a long time.

Now is all about cost, and being disposable

I took my inspiration first for my LOVE AFFAIR with cars in RL,

and the winged bird atop this car for the pose ,

taking flight,

this was my inspiration.

The caged gown is pure form, an important element in this piece of art.

During my visit on location I met with a friend, we spoke of art, machines and the " clutter and disposable society we now live in,

I don't think he realized I was going to make his creation part of my topic LOL


Artists comprise of Painters , Photographers, Bakers, Mathematicians, Engineers, Musicians, the list goes on and on,

if you make it, think it, write it, all of it could be art!

so before you say that is not art,

look harder without the clutter..


I forgot to mention a Mind Tailor is also also the artist who created this car,

and shared this video with me, ( which happened to fit perfectly into my theme )

thanks AM


Details posted at link below


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Uploaded on February 4, 2011