Cathedral Mountain (aka Mount Meager) June 12,13 2010
After last weeks taste of the Upper Lillooet area on Athelstan we were more than eager to get up high on the other side of the valley. Cathedral Mountain became the first late Spring Volcano mission as it's a Northern extension of the Cascade Volcanic belt. It also seemed an obvious choice as other than Garibaldi, it's our closest back-yard Volcano. Only 150 kms North of Vancouver we were all still yet to hit it! Andy, Scott, Irish Rob and Mr. Doglotion himself, Jamie Bond joined me on the supposedly sunny and clear week-end. After the usual multi hour overgrown alder covered fire-road, cut-block bush-whack we found ourselves a high camp on the mountains lower flank. We spent the afternoon scoping lines and hitting a few 1000ft corn runs on it's northern slopes. Everyone was all smiles knowing Sunday was the day so we retired to the tents early. At around 2:00am the super bomber forecast turned to shit as the rain started to come down. By 7:00am it was obvious the mountain had skunked us as the visibility was no more than 50ft! Nevertheless it was one of the years highlights in one of the most scenic areas in recent memory. Until next time..........

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