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Beer Can 3

So, I like walking round supermarket booze aisles looking for new beers to try and this baby caught my eye. I like regular Asahi in the silver bottles but this I'd never seen, a bit like the forefather of this project, the can of Sapporo.


Anyway, the Asahi was lovely; a rich, dark beer a bit like original Guinness, but not as tangy. But it's two quid a bottle, so I think (if it's in stock) only a few of these will be savoured at that price!! Then it'll be back to ALDI stuff....


This shot was a bit of a quick test for my new toy, the lovely Nikon SU-800 commander unit. It works well, although a mini-studio indoors it's bound to. Outdoors is where it'll get its real test…..


As for a set-up shot, I'm being lazy today because I've been on a shoot in the freezing cold (and my mobile doesn't do good shots) so basically I had the SB-700 coming in from above, facing a white book that was just out of shot to act as a big reflector. I didn't worry about light hitting the silver can, as I felt a little spill would fill on the shadows on the left hand side of the image.


*Nikon D2x

*Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX

*ISO 100

*1/6th second @ f/2

*SB-700 fired by on-camera SU-800 commander in TTL mode.

*Processed in Lightroom

*Photoshop used to create widescreen-style bars top and bottom

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Taken on December 16, 2011