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Oh God, Not Again

This is what happens when an aging hipster tries to recapture lost moments from his youth.


A quick trip to my local hobby shop revealed that I had been sorely missing an opportunity to play some fun tabletop wargames for a long time. As such I couldn't resist the opportunity to pick up the Warhammer 40k: Assault on Black Reach boxed set and to con a few friends into indulging me.


I also realize looking at this photo just how bad I am at painting these things. At least it looks good enough to me for being tabletop ready to play!


These miniatures also make great models for my light painting tests. This guy was lit using a tiny little LED booklight (the kind that clips onto your paper books to read by at night). I just painted light around the model and into areas I wanted lit (this is a very easy way to produce interesting lighting for static subjects, I feel).


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Taken on September 16, 2010