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SRS-22 Von Clausewitz | by pasukaru76
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SRS-22 Von Clausewitz

Originally one of the obsolete Walküre class line of destroyers, the Von Clausewitz has been refitted as a command and control ship for the Strahl forces assigned to Earth.


The main armament of the destroyer has been removed to provide space for advanced C3 equipment. The remaining armament consists of four point defense laser turrets and two forward-facing beam cannons. The vertical launch system on the bow has been heavily modified to launch sensor drones and can no longer arm and fire offensive missiles.


The interplanetary ion engines are taken over unmodified from the Walküre class. Due to the C3 equipment being much lighter than the main weapons previously installed, the Von Clausewitz has excellent acceleration and can outrun most other capital ships.


Highly automated like most Strahl vessels, the ship can be flown by ten people in the case of dire emergency. To efficiently operate the C3 stations, a crew of 1500 is required, usually working in three shifts of 500 crewmen each.


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Taken on October 22, 2012