• Laura, I took a pair of your jeans to pay for bread and a few grams of cold cuts. Love, Dad (AKA, VP)

Nicely played, sir

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  1. shannonb1117 45 months ago | reply

    It looks like he tried to somehow write in Braille, and he was drunk, AND is named "Dad Catnip."

    And who buys "grams" of cold cuts (I'm sure it's a colloquialism, but I'm choosing to remain ignorant because it's funnier)?

    ...unless by "cold cuts" he meant "coke lines." He would need to be wearing his daughter's jeans to pay for those grams the good ol' fashioned way, I suppose. Eww.

  2. Sue from Ontario 45 months ago | reply

    shannon: Our supermarket sells deli stuff by the gram (ie a 100 gram container gets you about half an ounce of cold cuts, or two ounces of coleslaw. It's just standard metric measurement).

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