• I'm a cat. It's okay for me to play outside. Seriously.

So back off, neighbors.

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Says Elisa in Seattle: "My friend Bob's cat, Pedro, is very friendly and sweet and streetwise. Because she knows to avoid cars, she is allowed to play outside in his residential neighborhood. She has tags with Bob's phone number on them but apparently some of the neighbors believe letting a cat outside is akin to putting her in mortal danger, so they have just been taking her directly to the local animal shelter. Hopefully this tag will deter some of them?"

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  1. c0t0d0s2 50 months ago | reply

    Actually, indoor only cats live a lot longer than cats that go outdoors. Having said that, it's up to the cat mommy/daddy to figure out what's best for the cat, not random strangers; especially if the cat has tags :P

  2. Nina J. G. 50 months ago | reply

    In the UK we think it's quite strange not to let cats go outside. Maybe my cat would live a few years longer if he stayed cooped up indoors, but I'd rather he was happy - and he really does like playing outside.

  3. 'Creag' 50 months ago | reply

    We recently moved from a reasonably rural setting to a suburban setting - with a 10 year old outdoor cat. He is used to outdoors and actually doesn't like to be in the house for very long - though he does like to hang out in the kitchen on winter mornings. I am so over people who believe letting a cat live outside is some form of animal abuse. My last outdoor cat lived 20 years.

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