• The AYS staff is leaving dirty dishes behind the front desk. Eating is not allowed in the offices unless it is something minor like a bagel or a company sponsored meal like pizza. AYS associates are to take their breaks and eat in the Outback. Surfing the web while having a STINKY BURRITO and then leaving the dishes for someone else to clean up is not how we do it here. If you cannot abide by this we will address it using progressive discipline as outlined in the Associate Handbook.

Burritos have feelings too, okay?

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  1. Special J. 42 months ago | reply

    lol!!!! stinky burrito. so funny!

  2. lkvy 42 months ago | reply

    Why do bagels get to be minor?

  3. TheDamnMushroom 42 months ago | reply

    All of my burritos are sweet and fresh. Now, as for me two hours later...

  4. Which Witch 41 months ago | reply

    very progressive of them.

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