• I live in Vero Lake Estates and some low-life, mother, daughter, husband son or neighbor came into my yard and took three ceramic mushrooms some time ago that I had for a few years.
  • Now some low-life person came in my yard and took my three plastic flamingos that I have had in my yard for 20 years. They did leave one flamingo and tow of the legs from the others.
  • I cannot understand this and please be sure when your wife, daughter, father or son comes home and says look what I bought at a yard sale, they are lying. If you have any feelings at all you, will return them with no questions asked. I will only beat you within an inch of your miserable life, thank

Now that's just tacky.

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  1. hopeful gratitude (nymphdupave) 60 months ago | reply

    She's willing to beat someone within an inch of their life over three ceramic mushrooms and pieces of plastic flamingos? Wow. How pathetic.

  2. jenna211 58 months ago | reply

    I'm pretty sure that not only did the thieves do the rest of the 'hood a favor (mushrooms and flamingos? Seriously?), but that anyone who owns and displays shit that tacky is the one who actually deserves to be beaten within an inch of their lives.

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