• Dear "Neighbor": I'm sure you thought the Recycling Bin and Trash Bags were just there for decoration. When a person spends hours digging out a parking spot through two separate snowstorms, she has a right to park there upon her return.

Dear "neighbor"

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  1. Special J. 62 months ago | reply

    ummm... no. actually, you do not have the right.

    this belief system always boggles my mind. Just because it snowed and your car was there does not mean that once you dig your car out that you now own that piece of property. SO funny.

  2. guero: 61 months ago | reply

    ha haaaaaa

  3. metagrapher 57 months ago | reply

    It should though. How fucking annoying is it when you spend 6 hours digging 3 feet of snow out of the spot, the street behind the spot and all that, only to leave to do something really simple like go to the grocery store for the first time in days and return to discover some inconsiderate asshole that probably did little to no digging themselves has taken your spot? Makes me want to take a snow shovel to their car. So watch your back, cause you never know who's just crazy enough to do it.

  4. Special J. 57 months ago | reply

    yeah... i get it. but everybody has to park on the road somewhere. and when you leave, it is no longer your spot... just as it was not your property before you arrived. i am sorry but i hate people who feel entitled like this. and i hate people who depend on cars that much. lose the car, lose the problem.

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