Maybe you should switch to body wash?

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    See all the notes and read the backstory here:

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    1. * Sontheimer Pictures * 84 months ago | reply

      OMG!!!!!! This is complete hilarity.

      How did everyone know he left his dirty nasty underwear on Bin and Cynthia's toothbrushes???? What did Bin and Cynthia do about it? did they recognize the malodour as belonging to said Jimmy? If so, why? Had they identified via smell his nasty bum previously?

      This note has so many "back" (sorry, couldn't resist) stories... thanks for sharing it!

      Here's an idea Laura, get a little plastic dish that has a snap on top.. they make them especially for bars of soap. Put your soap in that and keep it with you AT ALL TIMES. and remind everyone.... "NEVER TOUCH.." the soap. You can put it on a memo and post it. Or, get liquid soap as the magnificent post-er stated. I don't know... just a few ideas.

    2. TheDamnMushroom 81 months ago | reply

      Dear Laura:

      Does using your toothbrush on your genitals have the same effect as it does on mine? You're missing out on something if you haven't tried it, take it from me. And by the tone of your notes, you could use the release.


    3. mcbealer 69 months ago | reply

      WTF? underwear on toothbrushes? oh and the 75 cents, did Jimmy tape that on there after the read, or is Laura pitching in for this loser's bar of soap?

    4. ThisIsYourScreenName 62 months ago | reply

      McBealer: You need to work on your reading comprehension skills. Life gets much harder than this.

    5. Kojach 62 months ago | reply

      Dear Laura: Talk to Jimmy instead of leaving him notes, since it doesn't seem to be the most effective way of communicating with him.

    6. mcbealer 61 months ago | reply

      @ThisIsYourScreenName, speaking of poor reading comprehension skills, it's mcbealer not McBealer. Go easy on me, so I had an opinion ... sheesh!

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