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Name: Passant Ali

Age: I'm turning 22 this August 5th.

Languages: Arabic, English and little bit of Spanish and French

Favourite Color: BLACK♥ - Blue - those colors of the 70s movies♥

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Career Aspiration: Fashion Photographer

What are your passions?: All types of arts !

Hobbies: When I was younger I used to read, but now I think I like taking photos more.

Favorite goals in life: I wanna see the whole world then settle in Paris♥

Favourite book: Frankenstein♥

Favourite movie: Butterfly Effect♥ - Vanilla Sky♥

Favourite animal: Deer - White Tiger

Favourite song: Mmm, that's difficult to say. I guess it's "Alf Leila w Leila - Om Kolthoum

You watch: Family Guy.

One random fact about you: I am way too much in love with Andy Warhol.

One thing you wish you could change about the world: I wish people would be more appreciative and credit others when needed.

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Taken in May 2011