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Looking back on the last 365

I embarked on a 365 project last year, unfortunately I fell short. Congrats to Katie, Andreea, Vanessa, and Larry for seeing it through to the end. I suppose I could say life got in the way, but that did not stop them. Fearful of diminishing returns, perhaps. But I realized by about the summer time that the project goal had been accomplished.


I began to think about photography much differently over this year. I began to ask myself constantly why I take photos and what I want to take photos of. Quantity does not win over quality but often times it takes at-bats to find your swing. And through the process I felt I found my swing. The most rewarding prize this project had on me was finding answers to the questions I began asking myself.


Also, when I began to think about photography on a daily basis, I soon realized how many opportunities I had around me or the desire to seek out opportunities. The old story goes, when a photographer was asked how he got a certain picture he responded with "F8 and being there". The emphasis is on "there". The world around us is screaming to be photographed. You might think you live in a plain jane city, or have nothing to offer of beauty around you, but like a sculpture, you will find if you chip away the pieces the artwork will be beneath.


Thank you all for allowing me to venture out of my comfort zone and going along with me in the journey.

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Taken on January 1, 2012