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Club 33 Tour - Welcome to Club 33

The absolute highlight of my trip to Disneyland this past month, and in reality one of my top Disney highlights of all-time, was dining at Club 33. I captured a number of photos but did not know which to post, where to start, etc. So I decided we'll start at the lobby and take a tour. Jen, our lovely hostess, greeted our party after buzzing the door right at our reservation time. If you are early, too bad, stand outside. Practically speaking, this lobby area could comfortably hold perhaps maybe 6-8 people. The emotion upon entering was excitement. Never did I think I would have the chance to enter and dine at Club 33 if it were not for the kindness of fellow photographer. Also upon entering, you feel as if you stepped right out of the park and back in time. Club 33 is distinctly Walt Disney but not distinctly "Disney." Familiar castmember badges give way to a refined elegant badge. A Dress code is required. The place feels like it has not been touched in 30+ years yet in pristine condition. Artwork lines the walls of the clubs opening era. You see the famous "I want one too" glass door elevator that Walt wanted...and got. Everything about this first five to ten feet takes out out Disneyland and into the world of Walt Disney, entrepreneur. Now we're ready to head upstairs to the club... View On Black

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Taken on May 22, 2010