These are signs seen primarily at Tea Party Protests.


They all feature "creative" spelling or grammar.


This new dialect of the English language shall be known as "Teabonics."

  • Canonized 5y

    I agree with the poster. Unlike the President he is an arrogant American.
  • bequalming 5y

    How come it's *his* (or her...) country, but *our* freedom, military and generosity?
  • NorthsideRasta 5y

    Did medicare or medicaid pay for his or her scooter?
    Does he or her belong to a militia?
  • the rabbit 5y

    Nothing says freedom like a Rascal scooter.
  • peri_p_laneta 5y

    Darn, he must have been on an educational field trip to the Creation Museum and missed the Sesame Street episode that was brought to all of the other children by the letter "N."
  • coreylarson 5y

    I'm pretty sure the rider is female. No arrogant american male would sit on flowers.
  • Tolerance Sucks 5y

    "I wonder who paid for his scooter"

    I did. That Medicare payroll tax is a beast.

    Scrap Medicare, Medicaid, S-CHIP, and tax preferences for the health insurance racket!
  • James Smith 5y

    And scrap that jerk's Internet access! Please!
  • Maximus Ususus 5y

    I don't understand how he can be proud of our generosity when his movement is predicated on the notion that the least fortunate 15% of americans do not deserve healthcare.

    Yet again a crystal-clear indication that teabaggers haven't got a friggin' clue what the discussion is about or even what it is they are supposed to believe.

    It's almost as if they've been drawn together by a mutual dislike of a certain individual on the basis of what he looks like, and nothing else. Because attached to their basic dislike of Obama ("arrogant?") is a constellation of other completely contradictory things they don't like about him. He's simultaneously a socialist and a communist and a nazi (none of the three are even close to the same), he is both arrogant and not arrogant, and so on.

    Oh, I could go on and on dancing around the elephant in the room but the racism of the Tea Party is just too nakedly obvious. You people aren't fooling ANYONE.
  • joescott21 5y

    I also like the part where he prizes american generosity while at the same time the teabaggers are pissed about giving away free medicine.
  • rancho_68 5y

    you libs crack me up!! I am not a tea party supporter , but you libs cry racist at every turn and its sickening. please please start to use some more creative thoughtful arguments. If you think the healthcare bill is good then read the damn thing and find out for yourselves how absolutely horrible for this country at this very moment.

    legislation is being jammed down our throats and we are being told by the speaker of the house that bills will be passed no matter what anyone else thinks. is this true democracy in your eyes?

    To be in opposition of anything the new administration does is racism to all of you because like your leaders reality and practicality escapes you...good luck
  • m matthys 5y

    The "Libs" aren't the ones standing outside of the Capitol calling members of Congress "N#gger" and "Faggot" -- the teabaggers are.

    I did not notice that anyone was jamming legislation down anyone's throat -- it was voted on and then signed into law by the President. That is how our government works.
  • rancho_68 5y

    i understand that those certain people that associate themselves witht eh movement are outrageous and I do not for one minute condone any of that.
    those people are not indicative of the whole movement and as the group forms tighter and larger, I hope they create a leadership base of clear minded and well thought out individuals to get the true message out, and possibly weed out the people that are inflammatory and emotional.
    Don't hang on to the race card it will soon fall to the wayside and be replaced by something far more severe FEAR.
    Fear of the radicals will bring about legislation in the name of public safety curfews and limits on public speaking and free speach.

    as for legislation being jammed down our throats it was blatant disregard for process and the attitude of the dem party that they are better than the rest of us who elected them to office ,not that I voted for the current administration or the former for that matter, that upsets me. why won't congress and the house use the same benefits forced upon us by this legislation?
    read the bill and see how many devisive laws are enacted under its umbrella.
    the vote was not an fair and open vote and the quote from Nancy Pelosi that "this bill will pass no matter what anyone says" is frightening this si the type of person we are entrusting with the rule of our country .
    this is not the bill Ted Kennedy had in mind for the usa it is an abhoration to the free people of this country poor rich and otherwise
    please I emplore you to look at current legislation before the house and senate and read it carefully and thoroughly to see the devisive nature of what is happening in our gov't.

    one thing I do have to ask is, have you gone to a rally and listened for yourself to see if the claims of the using the word niqqer are true.?there were no incidents like this in boston.

    I apologize for going on so long but intelligent debate and open minded discussion is what I wish for on all sides. not enflamed emotional and out of control fear mongering and verbal attacks. I am tired of the bashing the sound bites and the mis-information coming from all sides.
  • IndyDina with Mr. Wonderful 5y

    He is a idiot.
  • Greg Bowie 5y

    Rancho 68.... ain't gonna happen..... keep dreaming!
  • rancho_68 5y

    who is an idiot Dina? I hope that intelligent comment wasn't directed toward me.
    that sort of comment is exactly the one sided blind view of a staunch liberal who will hide in the corner when the chips are down.

    Greg, didn't Martin Luther King have a dream, my friend? why are you so close minded, have you met any black members of the tea party?
    have you given half a chance to experience rather than watch the news and get their one sided sensationalized view?
    suffice to say I have, even though I do not affiliate myself with the party , I at least listen to what the intelligent clear minded people that are affiliated with it have to say. I have actually spoken to some (and they were black) imagine that!
    Obama is like most of the others before him a pawn and a liar. remember he said he would draw down troops in iraq and afghanistan? what happened? he added 25,000 more troops.

    come on you guys can come up with better arguments than "he's an idiot" or "ain't gonna happen...keep dreaming" or is it that you like to be told what to do, when to do it, and how it's going to be done?
  • Urban Underground 5y

    Rancho, are you saying that you've been to every Teabag meeting in every state? Are you saying that if no one else has YOUR experience it's not valid? I have been to a couple meetings where racist words were bandied about. And that told me I didn't need to go to any more.

    And no I don't think ALL Teabaggers are racists, but make no mistake SOME are (you're naive if you think all of any group is any one thing-including politicians). The fact that you have to try to 'clarify' that 'some were black' says a lot about your desire to justify your position.

    By the way there will NEVER be a politician especially a President that will make EVERYONE happy. Someone will always complain.
    Being a politician means you will try to 'work together' to do what's best.

    The Demos gave Repubs the opportunity to contribute to the health care bill. Check any 'fact checking' site. Repubs decided not to assist (even when some of their ideas were implemented - incidentally it sounds to me like you haven't even read the bill- I have and it's not what the republicans said it is and not even close)..

    sounds to me that you just like to complain, it doesn't matter that you're stereotyping just about everyone on this post.. Most teabaggers are idiots and I have to agree that teabag sympathizers for the most part are as well...
  • Patia Stephens 5y

    Obama is like most of the others before him a pawn and a liar. remember he said he would draw down troops in iraq and afghanistan? what happened? he added 25,000 more troops.

    Actually, that's not true. Obama campaigned on a promise to INCREASE troops in Afghanistan.

  • rancho_68 5y

    no I do not like to complain and why wouldn't I want to justify my position you haven't justified your own? no I do not think that MY experience is above anyone elses.

    all I want is for us all to be safe and happy in our country and with the current administration and the former two administrations we are not safe any more.

    Urban Underground: you should open your eyes wider if you really read the healthcare bill and think it's good for america. I
    don't think you really read the whole thing. I didn't I only read portions of it so far.
    all I am saying is that you and all of us should read more about upcoming legislation and what it is designed to do.

    Politicians from both sides dem/rep and other parties have come forward to tell us that our government is not controlled by us (the american citizen) it is being controlled by foreign money and power.
    Do you realize the amount of foreign control in this country? why would Haliburton move it's offices to Dubai? Do you realize in one year we (taxpayers) paid out 420 billion dollars to the chinese gov't?

    to call me an idiot or whatever it is you like to call me is fine it just shows how tightly a grasp this false gov't has on your ideals. believe me whane I say that liberalism was created as a device to divide people

    remember it is easier to go along with what you are told if it makes you feel good, than to question the ideas and ideologies that may be behind it.

    ask this man Jim Traficant why he was put in jail by our gov't and why he was told by his cronies to not involve them in anything he fights for. all who speak out against the mainstream idelas set upon us are branded as radical.
    call it what you like "conspiracy theories" rigthwing insanity" whatever but at least read and listen to other news agencies outside the usa
    I wish you all peace and liberty .I hope in the coming years you will wake up to the darkness that is taking over this country before it's too late which it may already be.

    Patia: you are right he did promise to increase troops in Afghanistan. but have you asked why ? why the majority of our military is in the middle east and elsewhere? have you asked why there are chinese and russian troops training in the midwest for the past 6 years?
    There are things happennig under our noses. When these things come to light in the public eye it will be too late.
  • Hannerhin 5y

    Rancho, I so admire your passion about this, and you express yourself very well. I can't agree with you on your position, but I fully agree that a big conversation needs to take place. Will you be open-minded too? Can we not debate? Can we not sit down and talk this out? This is our own beloved country, and civil debate was important in forming it.
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Taken on March 28, 2010
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