PARC Poster Archive
The PARC collection of over 300 posters dating back to the 1970s features photographic exhibitions from small independent galleries such as Half Moon Gallery, Cameraworks and Cockpit Arts to The Photographers Gallery and large museums such as the National Portrait Gallery, Tate and V&A.

This collection maps and charts the emergence of photography exhibitions and galleries during the time of a resurgence in interest in photography which began in the late 1960s. Often working with innovative designers, partnerships between designers and galleries (for instance Neville Brody and the Photographers Gallery) were emblematic of the times. As interesting as these virtuoso productions are the 'home-made' posters, produced by many smaller galleries (notably Impression in York) using Letraset and often quite crudely printed.

The collection has benefited from a number of important donations, including those from Martin Parr, Val Williams, David Chandler and Joachim Schmid, Shirley Read and Mark Haworth-Booth and is always pleased to receive posters into the collection, either in original or in digital form.

The catalogue is being published using Flickr with 75 images of posters already online. The tags will enable information about the archive to be discoverable in searches by photographer, gallery or theme.

PARC Intern, Belinda May, is currently researching this collection, collating information for the online catalogue and exploring themes and design. Her particular interest is in poster design from small independent galleries from 1970’s with social issue based subjects such as race, policing, disability, feminism and youth culture.
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