2016 Paralegal Cup
The 2016 Paralegal Cup will highlight top-tiered students from colleges across Ontario. The first day consists of four mooting rounds followed by a networking hour and the highly anticipated evening dinner celebrating the students’ achievements from the day’s competition. The theme of this year's competition is Growth, Success and Innovation.

Building on the success of 2015, this year the Law Society of Upper Canada has invited the Paralegal Cup competition to take place at Osgoode Hall. We are thrilled at the opportunity to highlight the incredible talent of the paralegal student mooters to the entire legal profession.

​"At its heart, the Paralegal Cup is about students. Students are the future of the paralegal profession. The students who participate in the competition become stronger and more confident advocates. As they graduate into the profession, they are better prepared to deliver Ontarians increased access to justice."

On behalf of the Law Society of Upper Canada, Humber College and the Paralegal Cup Steering Committee, we would like to invite you as our special guest to the 2016 Paralegal Cup Intercollegiate Mooting Competition. The competition is being held at the Law Society of Upper Canada, Osgoode Hall on Saturday November 19th and Sunday November 20th. this year's theme is Growth, Success and Innovation.

To learn more about the Paralegal Cup, please visit our website at www.paralegalcup.ca
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