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Big Bertha - Bijou Planks 323/365 | by MayorPaprika
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Big Bertha - Bijou Planks 323/365

As a young woman growing up in Wisconsin, Ashley Crawford discovered her mutant ability to completely control the distribution of her body's adipose tissue. Using this power, Ashley crafted the perfect physique and became an internationally famous supermodel. For a time, Ashley was the highest paid fashion model in the country, appearing on the covers of multiple magazines. However, yearning for more Ashley responded to an ad in a local newspaper calling for men and women of action. Donning the persona of Big Bertha, Ashley Crawford joined Mr. Immortal's Great Lakes Avengers.


As Big Bertha, Ashley enjoyed her being a superhero despite often being greeted with revulsion based on her appearance. Initially, the GLA used Ashley's penthouse as their headquarters and her private jet as their transportation.


Ashley continued to work as a model with Mirror Modeling to continue to fund the GLA. Unfortunately, this also meant that she was largely absent from spending time with her GLA friends. Ashley was further pulled between her two worlds by repeated offers to move away from Milwaukee to pursue her career in locations such as New York City, London, Paris, Milan, or Rome. Ashley eventually decide to enjoy her life as it is instead of feeling like she was spread too thin.


Big Bertha continued to engage in superhero works with her friends and teammates including defeating both Dr. Tannenbaum's Giant Robot Snowman and Evil Living Christmas Trees, battling Thunderbolts, and facing off against A.I.M.


Along with her teammates, Big Bertha registered under the Superhuman Registration Act and became part of the Wisconsin branch of the Initiative. She and her teammates helped other heroes to stop the Skrull invasion of Earth including fighting their newest teammate, the Grasshopper, who was a Skrull impostor.


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A year of the shows and performers of the Bijou Planks Theater.


Secret Identity: Ashley Crawford


Publisher: Marvel


First appearance: West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #46 (July 1989)


Created by: John Byrne (writer and artist)



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