Random photos of my first weeks food on the slow carb diet

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    Well it’s been a week of eating in a truly new way. I've found that it has been an easy transition as I like most foods. My girlfriend who took my choice to diet as inspiration to begin a cleanse regime she's been meaning to try for years. Her diet is less restrictive than the slow carb diet and because she does not like legumes it is much harder for her.
    So my first take away from this experience is that your pre-diet pallet greatly impacts some of the difficulties with eating differently. Secondly if you eat enough for each meal when carb/sugar cravings hit. Its much easier to ignore them with a full belly.

    So far I've cheated most with my morning coffee. I really do like the 5%cream and sweetener combination. In the last week I've started using only half a pack of sweetener and shortening my cream pour. When the cream runs out I'll get some heavier cream and start to measure. I hoping I can reduce the amount used.

    I've been looking into the exercise regime that the 4 Hour Body suggest is paired with the diet and unfortunately I don't have easy access to kettle bells for "the one exercise we should be doing" so I'm still working that out.I'm inclined begun regular cardio and weight routines for the time being.We shall see.

    I've added a smattering of my meals over the past week. Mostly I've been working off some basics learned @ www.4hourrecipes.com the site has some good suggestions but take caution as some of their recipes do not follow the diet plan as well as they could. I've also been researching some of the foods I'd like to use but were not mentioned in the book. Specifically coconut milk, shrimp/shellfish, & Canadian bacon. I've decided that all of the above are ok however the coconut milk should be used in moderation and not the light variety that likely has sugar added.

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