poverty of the mind (finally back on Flickr!)

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    Finally university is coming to an end and I have some time to upload photos! Can't belive its been so long... I am catching up on everything I missed over the last few months from all my Flickr buddies and have got my pro account back.

    This image is from a online social experiment titled ‘Poverty of the Mind’ to raise awareness and offer support to people with mind poverty. All the images in the series use a minimal and saturated style manipulated to look like scenes from an office workers bad day. The style is consistent throughout the series. The expressions and negative body language of the main subject helps to show his state of mind and feelings about his current work situation.

    Real life content from the social networking site Twitter has been dynamically overlaid onto the images to give a narrative and help people connect with the subject. I added icons to add extra value to the images and re-enforce his thoughts in a quirky way.

    Filler images and lines have been used to connect the series and keep the flow between them. A few common themes including time and repetitiveness are also used to connect the images.

    I have kept the project simple and focused on a story in an attempt to raise awareness of what can be a tragic situation for those involved, I hope people can draw something positive from my project either on a creative level or a reminder to peruse their happiness and not to get stuck in a job they don’t like.


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    1. reddawn17 60 months ago | reply

      ooh this is awesome!! I'm so glad you are back!!

    2. Adam Foster | Codefor 60 months ago | reply

      Thanks everyone :) Its good to be back, slowly catching up on alot of photos!

      No worries :)

    3. ejb365 60 months ago | reply

      This looks like an awesome project - very simple and direct. The minimalism and monochromism definitely reinforce the whole theme of monotony that I think we all can identify with... You seem to have a distinctive, clean style that I really can appreciate =).

      You've finished Uni? I've just finished school and have another 4 years of Uni study to go - how does it feel to be on the other side?

    4. Adam Foster | Codefor 60 months ago | reply

      Hey, cheers dude. Yeah finished uni, graduation is on the 14th July. It feels good to be done, but going straight into work so not having much of a break just; more of the same hard work! Good luck with uni, which you going to?

    5. lrargerich 60 months ago | reply

      Stock photo, I can see this in zillions of powerpoint presentations. Sell it!

    6. Africaneze101 60 months ago | reply

      very cool, welcombe back, and I go through the same thing when school is in session, its nice to have a break

    7. Adam Foster | Codefor 60 months ago | reply

      haha I never thought about that! Dont think I could ever do it tho, I really hate stock photography!

      Cheers dude, yeah amen to that :)

    8. Scarleth White 60 months ago | reply

      this is amazing Adam...
      i swear that's my situation right now, i really dont like my job and i have no choice but to stay coz i need the money!
      but it's horrible when you're doing something you dont love!
      i absolutely love the idea of that series!
      you are a genius my friend!
      you are great and it's good to have you back on flickr!

    9. Adam Foster | Codefor 60 months ago | reply

      thanks Scarleth, theres plently of people who feel this way. Some of the tweets are really sad :( everyone should have the chance to persue their dreams.

      Its nice to be back =D

    10. CitizenLee 60 months ago | reply

      A thought provoking subject indeed, one which I unfortunately have experience off. Anyway, good to see you back posting again Adam, looking forward to more uploads ;-)

    11. Sati Kobashi [deleted] 60 months ago | reply

      Welcome back!
      That's a very cool shot and a very cool project!

    12. Heniusia 60 months ago | reply

      Very creative and unique ....:-))

    13. f|tessari 60 months ago | reply

      great Adam!!!

    14. klovir 60 months ago | reply

      interesting project my friend! Wish you all the success!

    15. ladybugdiscovery 60 months ago | reply

      you sure have some great ideas.

    16. Sheepycow [deleted] 60 months ago | reply

      Very cool shot! Great clean lines. Nice style.

    17. .Suzy. 41 months ago | reply

      great concept!

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