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    ten rolls of film to scan...

    but who wants to scan when summer is here?

    there are things to be said about this... didn't someone say that snakes smell with their tongue? then it follows that they hear with their nostrils, and taste with their eyes. so this dear creature can see her belly with his whole scaly epidermis. did i mention i love mythological science?

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    1. achuka 34 months ago | reply

      quality image

    2. Hel Des 34 months ago | reply

      Wonderful contrasts..........

    3. Tomorrow Never Knows 34 months ago | reply

      The snake doesn't seem bothered by the camera. The last one I tried to photograph kept face on to the camera and constantly threatened to have a go. On the other hand the one I was trying to photograph was sat in a damp, muddy patch of footpath and was probably a bit grumpy about that. Maybe this ones attention was diverted elsewhere.

    4. Zaphod Beeblebrox 34 months ago | reply

      Gorgeous. What kind of snake?

    5. : Tétine : 34 months ago | reply

      Yep yep yep, excellent shot!

    6. nimrodcooper 34 months ago | reply

      the shadow declining on corporeal topography beneath the last serpentine curve before it all comes to a head against the deliciousness of lithesome flesh is really all that needs to be here.

    7. daniel southard 34 months ago | reply

      garter snake, I believe, happily captured, to a degree...

    8. Wes Reimer 17 months ago | reply

      Is Eve about to be tempted?

    9. Daniel Andión 16 months ago | reply

      Fantastic capture.

    10. ybiberman 11 months ago | reply

      What would Freud say about it?

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