Lord Ganesh is in a melon patch. He don't need no Walmart.


Also at clusterflock.

jgauthiersloan faved this
  • Ian :) 3y

    But Walmart needeth him! :)
  • Cindy Scroggins 3y

    Ganesh could set up a little business selling melons out of the back of his truck.
  • Sheila Ryan 3y

    Cindy Scroggins Selling from out the truck and picking them up with his trunk.
  • Sheila Ryan 3y

    Ian :) Ian :) Indeed. Lord Ganesh is greater by far than Walmart.
  • jan PRO 3y

    Sheila Ryan well he's certainly happy but his eyes look like he's had one melon too many..
  • Paul 3y

    Greater than that's something.
  • Sheila Ryan 3y

    jan Jan, I've noticed that about nearly all the pictures I draw of Lord Ganesh! You're right. This guy looks as though he got into the fermented melons and is on a melon buzz.
  • Sheila Ryan 3y

    Paul The day will come when Lord Ganesh will annihilate the Walton empire with one thrash of his mighty trunk.
  • Paul 3y

    I can't wait!
  • Donald Lush 3y

    I don't mean to lack respect or anything, but has he got a receipt for those watermelons? The gods of shopping get slightly cross if you take their melons... and don't pay.
  • Sheila Ryan 3y

    Ganesh brings his own melons to the Walmart lot. That he can prove, as there are no bar codes on them
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