The Royal Road (The Artificial Cornfield)

West Wachter Road at Eagle Ridge Drive. The Galena Territory. Jo Daviess County, Illinois.


Also at clusterflock.


See also Good Night, Sweet Prince.

  • Lacey C 5y

    Wow. That looks dangerous.
  • Sheila Ryan 5y

    The most dangerous aspect was when I sat down in the road at the crest of the hill to snap the shot!
  • r3nn3r PRO 5y

    Both dangerous-looking and a bit playful.
  • Sheila Ryan 5y

    I like the observation, Renner. The spiky crowns had been set down by a road crew that had just freshened up the painted lane divider, and the crowns struck me both as sinister defensive mechanisms (like those spiked grills in some private parking lots: WARNING! DO NOT BACK UP!) and as fun features you might find in a carnival or children's game (SMACK DOWN THE KING'S CROWN AND WIN A PRIZE!).

    (What would be the name of such a game -- Regicide?)
  • jan PRO 5y

    I'm impressed by two things, that you'd get down onto the asphalt on the highway, a precarious place for sure and the fact these 'markers' are metal. Usually they are a flexible plastic and can be run over without damage to tires...

    Obviously things are serious in the USA, you with your high risk photography and the Dept of Highways regarding their precious fresh paint!

  • Sheila Ryan 5y

    Oh, my, in the interest of the historical record, these were plastic. At least I think they were. I had to roll out of the road pretty swiftly.

    A friend of mine was working in a little shop that is just out of view, and I was hoping he could have acted as my spotter so I could lie on my belly and snap a few more shots. But he wasn't scheduled for a break, alas.
  • scream62,5 5y

    of course, americans,have a little problem, they cannot be innovators of "ideas, good films, and things you should use"
    america,wake up !
  • Sheila Ryan 5y

    The spikes will wake us up!
  • Tirumal Mundargi 5y

    I loved it.
  • Sheila Ryan 5y

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, Tirumal.
  • IC-UC 4y

    I find it interesting that they are the same colour as the lines, it helps to camouflage them [?]
  • Sheila Ryan 4y

    That struck me, for sure. The golden spikes were only on the road for a short time -- but long enough for me to lie down and snap a shot.
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