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Banff Sunset Moon

Here is a six image panorama of the sunset and moon over the town of Banff... taken from inside my room at the Juniper Hotel.


Yes... that's right... the images for this panorama were taken through the window of my hotel room... while I was sitting on the bed! I could easily have stepped outside and shot this without the huge plate-glass window in front of the lens... but I'd never shot a pano from inside a room before... so I did it simply because I could! :)


Although the view was amazing and the light quite beautiful... the images that I captured did not do this scene any justice. As always, I'd exposed for the highlights so as not to lose any detail in the brightest parts of the sky... but by doing so I'd captured images with almost no visible detail in the trees in the foreground. The sky looked okay... but the foreground looked crap!


But of course... when you shoot in RAW... there's always loads of hidden shadow detail just waiting to be exposed! It might take a bit of coaxing to get everything to look just right... but I definitely feel that sometimes it's worth the extra effort. For me... this was one of those times.


This panorama looks much better when viewed large on black.


I've included one of the images that make up this panorama in the comments section below... this is how it looked straight out of the camera... not very inspiring... but full of promise. :)


Nikon D300, Sigma 18-200mm at 52mm, aperture of f13, with a 1/30th second exposure.


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Taken on August 10, 2011