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Gizmo: Muahahahaha | by pandoraice
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Gizmo: Muahahahaha

This photo absolutely cracked me up. I think he was in the middle of a yawn. Or he does this thing where he stretches his beak like "look how big and dangerous my beak is!"

How can he be so cute yet so very evil? LOL



This FeatheryFriday theme is "Why I love Birds!" There are SOOOOO many reasons why I love birds- one of them being that they make me laugh every single day!! Birds are such clowns!!

Come on by FF!



1. They make me laugh! Whether they are making funny faces, getting into something they shouldn't, or just being themselves!! Like when Mr. West plays in his box and he acts like a little dinosaur and stretches and sticks his tongue out!

Case in point: the picture above, he looks like he is doing an evil laugh- which made me laugh!!

2. They are so very cuddly!

3. They smell good!!

4. They miss you even when you have been gone just for a few minutes or a few hours

5. And they greet you- (and sometimes in ENGLISH!) when you come home!

6. When you are having a bad day, it is like they sense it- and they spend more time cuddling with you than playing with their toys or in their boxes.

7. They are so very beautiful! It is like God painted each and every feather- unique and in millions of colors!

8. Their love & affection! Like when West asks me "Gimme Kiss" and I give him one, and he asks again, and I give him one, (repeats about 8 times) and then when he is done and happy he goes "Wheeeeeeee!"

9. Their talking ability (this is a bonus, I love them even if they don't talk!) like West saying "What you doin'?" when you are in the middle of doing some work on your laptop. He even asks people that visit when they are on their computer.

10. Family bonding time- me and my hubby love to be with the birds, and we spend time all of us together!

11. Each of them have their own personality, likes & dislikes!

12. They can be so graceful and beautiful one minute and the next minute, clumsy and goofy the next!!

13. They are so smart! West learned the word "No" and even knows that shaking his head (or whole body in his case sometimes) means No also!


(I am sure there are sooooo many more reasons, but I think I will stop here for now!)

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Taken on June 24, 2009