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Been on National Geographic but never on Time | by Pandiyan
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Been on National Geographic but never on Time

If you are not squeamish, see it large!


Put a snail on your car bonnet; zip around at 100 kmph. Amazingly he can hold himself withstanding the tremendous windforce and crawl along too! Wanted to test it but could not. My wife did not want me to handle him too much and objected even to my placing him on my watch for this shot.


Large snails move about at a grand speed of 600 cms/hour while the fastest snail can clock 45 metres/ hour. They move alternating contractions and stretching of their bodies. They also secrete slime which helps reduce friction. It is said that slime is so thick and a snail can move on a razor without getting hurt.


Is this one a male or female? I don't know. Most snails have both male and female organs and produce both ova and sperms. Hermaphrodites as experts call them. However, snails do need to mate. They inseminate each other to fertilize their eggs.


They have a poor eyesight and no sense of hearing. They rely on smell and touch mainly.


Do you know the main difference between the snails and the slugs?



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Taken on December 4, 2005