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Revisiting Chennai Crows

This is an attempt recreate one the most popular photos in my stream - I am thy Father's spirit... It is the most interesting shot in my stream. It has been used in zillion blogs. The hi-res version has been used by a European music band as an Album Cover. Three years separate the two shots.


I started the Chennai Crows Production series as a light-hearted effort to romanticise the ubiquitous black birds of Chennai. The shots usually featured silhouettes of crows against the setting sun. They always had a Shakespearean quote. Though some shots were cheesy and some were subjects for my digital manipulation practice, the series as whole seemed to be quite popular.


I interspersed these shots among my real crow shots - a jungle crow which came to nest near my house year after year, the way my wife could attract crows to come so near which they rarely do, the smart way these crows go about living their lives on their own terms.


They are seen as big nuisance by some; some feed them regularly trying earn points to go to heavens; some see them as harbingers; some see them as big threat to many other birds; some are even afraid of them as crows are known to attack people.


But all this shows the extraordinary way the crows have intertwined themselves with urban settlements, adapted so well human spaces and seem to thrive when many other bird species struggle. And as I said they still seem to live on their own terms!


As Shakespeare said sweet are the uses of adversity.

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Taken on June 29, 2009