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Arun's advice | by Pandiyan
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Arun's advice

Indian Rock Python

Python molorus


Here is an instance, for a change, Arun cautioned me against going closer to his face! I wanted to get down to get to see if I could catch the heat sensing pits of this python but was told it can charge if irritated. So I had to contend with a top down shot.


Pythons are not venomous but can deliver a painful bite. Along with reticulates and boas these are very popular in giant pet trade. And their skin too fetches a good price. So they are becoming rarer in the wild and their current status is near threatened.


These pythons are smaller than Reticulated Pythons and also their cousins African Rock pythons. They grow upto 18 feet. Unlike us they don't spend much time finding and eating food. If they eat a good meal, say, their own weight they can go on for a full year before the next meal! Imagine if we had it like that.


I have talked to experts and searched all over the net. There has been no authentic record of pythons killing humans. Biggest meal they have taken is a small mammal and nothing more. But still the myth of pythons crushing humans and cows and such persists.


And they don't actually crush their prey. They constrict them to suffocate. Then they swallow the prey whole. Unlike many other snakes they move in a straight line. Snake scholars call it rectilinear progression.


You might have seen her baby here.


Edit Some interesting discussion and view points on whether they kill humans and how they kill could be found on the second page of comments.

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Taken on July 9, 2006