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Auroville 014 ------------------------------------------- Colour Purple | by Pandiyan
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Auroville 014 ------------------------------------------- Colour Purple

Actually neither purple nor this flower has anything to do with Auroville except that this shot was taken there. Auroville is actually represented by an orange hibiscus and I don't have a shot of that flower.


I have been intrigued by references to purple in history and literature. Purple passion is very well known, But it also seems that various cultures and various times have given purple a bewildering range of meanings.


Of course, royalty comes right on top. Ancient Byzantine princes were born in purple chambers. Roman nobles used it for robes. Purple also stood for wealth and sophistication. Purple was rare because the the dye was made from snails and it took a lot snails and effort to produce it. Hence very expensive.


In the middle east however it stood for wisdom and the wise scholars wore purple robes.


In modern times to colour politics continues. Blue for men and pink for women. So naturally lavendar, a lighter form of purple which is combination of blue and red, becomes associated with gays. When Samuel Jackson wanted a special status in multi starrer Star Wars he was given a unique purple lightsabre.


But who can answer the multimillion dollar question on why Barney the Dinosaur is purple?


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Taken on April 16, 2006