• M.A.C: Juxt
  • M.A.C: Carbon with Dark Soul pigment over it...
  • Juxt and Carbon blended for a darker smokey green
  • Jesse's Girl: Brilliant Emerald and Gemtone Jade (Key Lime)
  • M.A.C: Chill

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i spent the day mostly cleaning my room (with just a quick trip out for a few minutes) and i won't be done until tomorrow...seriously it takes two days when i do this because i'm never just happy cleaning it, i have to move things and organize the whole room all over again...also i packed away the things that remind me of marsea...if only just so it's not all there staring me in the face, breaking me down...i'm still hopefull we'll be friends again...

i'm stressed though...i feel like i'm being pulled apart...i can't be there for certain people like they want me to, i just don't have time...i never have TIME...i spend my day cooking and cleaning for my parents, doing every errand that pops into their head...i'm also dealing with the stress of opening a new office to sell alarms, running credit checks as well, and also working on a novel i think can really make it...so my time is rarely ever my own which is why i'm slow to respond/comment/write back/post/breathe...

i try my hardest to be there for everyone, but it's just not always enough...still, i'm lucky to have some amazing and wonderful patients friends...

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  1. Mr. Moog 69 months ago | reply

    Fan. Tastic. Amazing detail and lovely use of colours in your make-up.

    I hope things get a little less stressy for you soon. Do your best to get just a little time to yourself every day and DON'T let anyone else steal it from you.

  2. Amaranthine_a 69 months ago | reply

    Beautiful make up!
    What eyeshadows you used for?
    Hope you get well soon.

  3. [sunrise] [deleted] 69 months ago | reply


    Seen in: Makeup World!!

  4. Hello Darlin [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

    Always such a pleasure to meet a fellow MAC lover. :) Excellent job!

  5. n o t | y o u r | a v e r a g e | g i r l [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

    I cleaned my room recently... A major re-organization. I didn't feel completely finished for five weeks. Boxes and boxes of stuff went to the basement. Doesn't it feel nice to have a clean and organized room again? =)

    It's easy to be stressed and down, but try to look at the positive side of things. Any small positive aspect of everything. That way it doesn't feel quite so hopeless. It does take practice to find the positive though... I'm quite a pessimist myself usually, so I know it's hard. Start practicing now! =P

  6. MarianaPichu 69 months ago | reply

    Yayyyy the Panda Cat is back with more makeup!!! Wonderful as usual.

    Cheer up love, what you do for your parents is amazing and very nice and loving from you and I admire you for it!!

    Don't worry about not posting, commenting and responding, just get yourself some time to breath PLEASE!!! hugs ;)

  7. (isabella) m. 69 months ago | reply

    i lurrrrrrve the green. suits you well, my dear.

  8. like_shipwrecks 69 months ago | reply

    Aw I feel you on the not having time thing. I always feel so bad, especially when I say I'll call someone back after they ring me and then my day just snowballs into drama and stress and I just run out of time to even breathe sometimes. I hope it all works out and you're not so stressed soon! <3

  9. ☠Jacqueline☠ [deleted] 69 months ago | reply


    How on earth did I miss this?

    It's gorgeous!

    Smokey green looks awesome on you. It sucks on me...maybe I need to copy your look instead :D


  10. ebaboo 69 months ago | reply

    MAC is the best! Nice job girl :)

  11. looloote [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

    Very nice make up!! I like dark eyes! ;)

  12. thefiftlelement 68 months ago | reply

    Niice, like the green eye-shadow :)

  13. INACTIVE ACCOUNT OF KAI LIVINGSTON 67 months ago | reply

    What an amazing green eye! WOW!

  14. ♥ River ♥ 63 months ago | reply

    Amazing. This is gorgeous!

  15. Lady Pandacat 63 months ago | reply

    Thank you guys so much :D

  16. autiecutie 59 months ago | reply

    OMG! I absoluetly Love her Makeup!

  17. serena_uk3 55 months ago | reply

    sooo beautifull...

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