Obama Rally in Fredericksburg - Sept 27, 2008
Over 26,000 attended the event at the University of Mary Washington. We arrived at 10:45am- the gates opened at 3pm. The rally was to begin at 5:15, but was delayed by heavy rain, and then a delayed flight (the candidates didn't arrive on campus until 6:50!). They finally took the stage after 7pm.

We arrived early, just to make sure we got in. Luckily, a friend offered us entry into the VIP section- right in front of the stage and on the rope line. Since we had arrived so early, and were some of the first to get through security, we were fortunate enough to find spots up front and center, right on the rope line.

The 9 hour wait (!) was exhausting, but the kids were amazing. Even Sebastian handled it very well, only starting to melt down after 45 minutes of heavy rain at 6:30, when he started to cry. But once the candidates were onstage, he was enthralled, frequently turning to me, pointing onstage, and saying "Daddy- it's Barack Obama." Even when he got tired of the rain later in the rally, I pointed out, to Siddhartha, that Sen. Obama was wearing just a shirt in the rain, just like Sebastian- the little guy thought that was pretty great, and commented on that several times.

All five of us were able to shake hands with the candidates. Sen. Obama greeted our 2 year old, Sebastian, saying "Hi! how are you?," and Sen. Biden telling Sebastian he was "a handsome boy." Sen. Biden also greeted Tirzah, telling her she was "a very pretty girl." As excited as she was, Tirzah was a little disappointed she did not get Sen. Obama's autograph- he had her sign and pen in hand, about to sign, when his handlers told him he didn't have time to sign anything. He told Tirzah 'sorry' and continued down the line. She plans to keep the pen and sign.

Lots of great coverage of the event online. You can find more pictures at the Free-Lance Star's website:
(btw, you can see us waiting in line at security in picture #6 on that page).
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