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more suitcases

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Some of the suitcases we used in our music video. These are the ones that we actually own. (Most of them live under beds with sweaters in them.)

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  1. susiejulie 71 months ago

    I LOVE these!

    Do you seriously own all this fabulous vintage luggage??

  2. sao.mai 71 months ago

    i seriously love these. amazing.

  3. m_soto 71 months ago

    These are so cool! I love 'em all!

  4. bestitched 71 months ago

    Pammie, you are a total rockstar. I love the video!

  5. Pikku-Kettu 71 months ago

    I love the one on the top!

  6. LollyKnit 71 months ago

    great video! and great suitcases too.

  7. cold bright day 71 months ago

    I still can't believe I let my mom give her vintage american touristers to goodwill. She refused to schlep them up to portland.

    Oh, and I love the video. Y'all still planning a west coast tour this summer?

  8. knitboy1 71 months ago

    love the video. you hot rock star bitch, you

  9. crayonjazz 62 months ago

    These are perfect!

  10. Rykerua 56 months ago

    This is great, the cases look amazing against that green wall!!!

  11. Laura Lea 54 months ago

    tower of wonderful storage!

  12. Alejandra H. Covarrubias 49 months ago

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