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Cheesy Nachos

I'm crazy about nachos but I like them extra cheesy sauce. Plus I have to have lots of sour cream. See my how-to video that will show you how I make them at. www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfQihm1Rga4


I can't get nachos or tacos at all if I don't have salsa. Did you know that our calendar has a "National Salsa Month" where we celebrate the different types of Salsa? We sure do! Visit www.gone-ta-pott.com/national_salsa_month.html


Now if you want to learn about different sauces (like cheese sauce) try this link. It lists over 50 different types of sauce and it's all in honor of "National Sauce Month." www.gone-ta-pott..com/national_sauce_month.html

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Taken on February 21, 2007