NYC Hall Presser "Zionists do not represent NY Jews"
April 2, 2019 - 4:30 pm.
JDL- NY counter protest "We Can NOT Be Silenced!"info:

"NYC Councilman Yeger responded to a tweet last week with the facts- "Palestine does not exist" & "Omar is an anti Semite". Since that hundreds of anti Semites & anti-Israel organizations have attempted to discredit him.

He was removed from the Immigration Committee yesterday.

None of the organizations or individuals condemning Councilman Yeger & demanding for his removal, have demanded any actions against Omar.

A news conference is scheduled to take place today April 2nd
organized by Rabbi Hershel Klar to continue the condemnations
against NYC Councilman Yeger."

We are calling for all people of good conscious to join us to condemn the witch-hunt against a Jewish elected official.

Omar remains on the Foreign Affairs Committee after numerous blatantly antiSemitic tweets. She must be removed!

Anti-Semitism is NOT ok. We can not be silent!"
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