NY ICE says Build the Wall at Grand Hyatt - NYC
April 14, 2016 NY Ice and friends came out to stand up for American Sovereignty while the Commie Brigades harassed all who passed by on their way to the GOP Dinner inside the Hyatt. The Commies were out for "blood". Aggressive. Nasty. At one point a NY ICE sign was grabbed and torn. Later, a father with his young son asked a Lefty to take their picture. She sneered at him because of the NY ICE sign, not knowing he was going to hold up a TRUMP sign! Another patriot, Angelo Bonsignore of the NYC Shooters Club, had a different message.He went into the crowd to promote his business, "responsible gun ownership means to learn to shoot firearms safely", saying, "ISIS is here, learn how to defend yourself." So the Commies went mad and attacked him. (of course) [see video at you tube]
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