Hate Stops Here! NYC Rally Against Antisemitism. .
NYC- Times Sq- March 10, 2019. JDL was there, joining with WZO and others. "Anti-Semitic attacks have dramatically increased New York City.A synagogue’s window was shattered during Shabbat in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn.Jews are being physically attacked all across Brooklyn.Swastikas defacing property have been found in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.Across the the US, synagogues and Jewish community centers have seen their property defaced and/or received threats of violence.In the Capitol of the United States of America, there are elected officials with strong ties to anti-Semitic groups. These same elected officials do not hide their support for the BDS movement.The most horrific anti-Semitic attack to occur on United States soil was in October 2018 at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. Eleven Jews were murdered and seven injured.Across Europe Jews are being beaten and murdered; kosher stores are defaced and Jewish tombstones smashed.THIS MUST STOP!!!!"
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