Dr. Michael Bröning's present his Book The Politics of Change in Palestine: State-Building and Non-Violent Resistance (Pluto Press)
On the occasion of the publication of Dr. Michael Bröning's "The Politics of Change in Palestine: State-Building and Non-Violent Resistance (Pluto Press)"

The Bookshop at the American Colony-Jerusalem had invited to a discussion with

Dr. Michael Bröning, Ha'aretz journalist and author Amira Hass and Dr. Mahdi Abdelhadi, Head of PASSIA

who had presented the book and moderated the discussion
Thursday June 9th,2011 at 7pm
Pasha Room-American Colony Hotel

Dr. Michael Bröning is Director of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation(FES) in the Palestinian Territories and previously represented FES in Jordan and Iraq. He has written on Middle East politics in Foreign Affairs, New Statesman, Der Spiegel and Die Zeit. Dr.Bröning completed his education in Economics, Social Sciences, History and International Relations in Germany and the United Kingdom. In addition to his responsibilities as director. he is a member of the editorial board of International Politics and Society.

Amira Hass is a left wing Israeli journalist with Ha'aretz newspaper and author of several books including the: "Drinking the Sea at Gaza: Days and Nights in a Land under Siege". She has been living in the Occupied Palestinian Territory since 1993 and has mainly documented the Israeli policy of "closure" - restrictions on freedom of movement and demographic separation.

Dr. Mahdi Abdelhadi is Head and founder(1987) of the Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs (PASSIA), Jerusalem,
Co-founder and editor of Al-Fajr daily newspaper (1972-74); co-founder and General Secretary of the Council for Higher Education in the West Bank (1977-80); founder and elected president of the Arab Thought Forum in Jerusalem (1977-81), political analyst, author & editor of various Palestinian sudies.
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