Benjamin Stein, Book Reading Event at the Goethe-Institut Jerusalem on Wednesday, 29th of December 2010.
Benjamin Stein, Die Leinwand (The Canvas)
An Event of the DAAD
Wed, 29.12.2010, 19:00
Goethe-Institut Jerusalem
in German

Based on the scandal of Benjamin Wilkomirski's falsified Holocaust memoir, this novel deals with the unreliability of memory and the struggle for identity. Two stories are told from both ends of the book. In one of the stories Amnon Zichroni, an Orthodox Jew who grew up in Israel and becomes a psychoanalyst in Zürich, encourages Minsky, a supposed Holocaust survivor, to write down his memories. The other story is about East German journalist Jan Wechsler who tries to expose Minsky's memoirs as false. In the centre of the book a confrontation takes place when the two narrators, Amnon Zichroni and Jan Wechsler, meet one another.

Moderation: Prof. Christian Kohlross (Walter Benjamin Chair, Hebrew University Jerusalem)

"Benjamin Stein's "Canvas" is a riveting work of literature. Its many layered complexity and linguistic elegance defy categorization. This book can be read as a literary detective story as well as a subtle psychological novel" (Jüdische Zeitung)
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